Home Management

“L’immobilière des Patriarches” offers all the necessary help to a landlord so that he may be able to rent his property serenely.

Managing  properties counts for a third party needs to be formalised through a rental management mandate, which is the act by which the owner of a good (the mandator) gives to another person (the authorised representative) the right to carry out in his name multiple administrative, accounting and or legal tasks.

“L’Immobilière des Patriarches” has elaborated 3 optional contracts to answer the needs of all demands, even the most demanding, from 5% fees Before Taxes on perceived rents for the PREMIUM PACK, 6% B.T. for the INTEGRAL PACK and 9.7% A.T.I. for the SECURITY PACK.


The 5% B.T. PREMIUM PACK includes

  • Drawing up of the rental contracts
  • Scheduling of the incoming or outgoing inventory of fixtures
  • Management of the tenants’ leave
  • Sending due date and receipt notices to tenants
  • Receiving rent and fees
  • Annual revision of rent
  • Regularisation of rental fees
  • Annual verification of insurance and maintenance certifications (boiler, chimney sweeping, etc.)
  • Informing the Trésor Public, in accordance with the Law, of each change in tenant for the Rates tax
  • Managing outstanding debts and damages
  • Establishing and sending monthly management accounts
  • Paying your rental revenues through monthly bank transfers


  • Follow up on small maintenance work begun with your approval,
  • Payment of bills to suppliers (water, EDF, maintenance/work, …),
  • Follow up on damages from insurance companies in case of water damages, fire, property damage, unpaid rents, …
  • Paying the property management company its fees


  • Unpaid rent guaranty
  • Property damage guaranty

As options and according to our pricing grid

  • Representation of the owner during the co-ownership meetings
  • Establishing the preparatory state to the property revenue statement
  • Opening an ANAH file(Agence Nationale de l’amélioration de l’habitat) to have the right for subventions for the refurbishing of a flat or apartment block
  • Follow-up on big maintenance work begun with your approval

Store and office management

“L’immobilière des Patriarches” handles the management of your commercial premises, shops, workshops and offices.

We work on each step of the management of your real estate:

  • Estimate of the rental value,
  • Selection of the tenant,
  • Drafting the commercial lease,
  • Inventory of fixtures,
  • Annual or triennial revision,
  • Renewal of the lease with derestriction and despecialization,
  • Goodwill handover, from rights to the lease,
  • Litigation.

We bring you our expertise in order to create value, to face complexe situations such as commercial lease renewal, rent negotiation which require an in-depth mastery of legislation.

Apartment Block rental Management

“L’Immobilière des Patriarches” takes care of the complete management of your apartment block.

This includes:

  • Financial, administrative and technical management of the apartment block
  • Elaborating a financial report including: cost-effectiveness, utilisation costs, capital to save in order to maintain the property, financial and fiscal implications for the owner, etc.
  • We most often intervene in place of the owner for rental relations
  • We supervise maintenance workers, security and gardening
  • We collect rents and fees
  • We draw up leases and inventories of fixtures
  • We negotiate contracts regarding energy supply (electricity and gas), water, elevators and insurance

“L’Immobilière des Patriarches” posses the technical and legal expertise to:

  • Analyse the structure of the apartment block and define its maintenance objectives
  • Argue and negotiate the interventions of trades necessary to operate the reparations and supervise the current the current maintenance work
  • Analyse and schedule different interventions with regards to the level of urgency and relevance
  • Check the extent of provision of contracts

“L’Immobilière des Patriarches” poses the appropriate experience to:

  • Negotiate repayment schedules and avoid legal litigation
  • Identify the impact of legal or contractual modifications on the block’s finances
  • Manage the expenses and divide the fees
  • Know the costs of the trades intervening and analyse  cost estimates, negotiate fees
  • Analyse the extent of the garanties of the of the multiple-risk apartment block contract as well as the amount of compensation for damages offered by the insurance company