You have neither the time nor the patience to answer the never-ending call of potential tenants.

You regret more and more the accumulation of  no-shows during visits.

The multiplication of legal obligations, financial and penal sanctions planned by the legislator in cases such as discrimination worry you.

“L’Immobilière des Patriarches” accompanies you through the search of a tenant, the establishment of a solvency file, the incoming inventory of fixtures and singing of the lease in respect of the current legislation.

Our services for a successful rental

1. Estimate of the rental value 

“L’Immobilière des Patriarches” is the only specialist on the Parisian estate market and its close neighborhoods, our terrain analysis is the only one to apprehend the multiple factors capable of affecting the value of your property: price of fees, specific services, favorable location, positioning,  fiscal packages, etc.

2. Cross-platform  communication 

We create an identity form for your property, highlighting its characteristics and advantages. This form includes pictures of the appartement and the communal areas which will be uploaded on multiple commercialisation websites.

We use our file of enquiring tenants.

The office’s window display,

Multiple websites.

We announce the disponibilité of your appartement in the street through a “FOR RENT” sign (with your permission).

3. Visit, selection and verification of application files

Without delay, we closely study tenants’ applications in order to rent with optimal conditions.

We prepare an application file for your, respecting solvency criteria of our unpaid rent insurance (if it is taken), we check the consistency of documents given by the applicant and their bail (if necessary): payslip,  tax assessment, etc…

After submitting the application file, we ask you confirmation on the choice of tenant

4.Incoming inventory of fixtures and signing of the lease

We create for you a secured lease, conforming with the latest regulatory and legal evolutions, this fil is then greenlit by the legal team of our “Caisse de Garantie”.

We proceed to the inventory of fixtures with the tenant and to the signing of the lease in your presence if your wish it before giving him the keys after receiving the certification of tenant insurance.

We can continue this trusting relationship through the signature of a management authorization.